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Here at CyberCamp, we think the processes and routines that we use help us to shape our ideas as well as to build a better community of reflective practitioners.  Since they’re so important, it makes sense to write about them as a starting place for understanding.  So, here is one of the major routines of CyberCamp along with a short explanation.

Blogging into/out of the Day

We’ll begin and end each day with some time for blogging here.  We’re all going to blog here so that we can document our individual processes as well as share them with each other.  We’re also blogging as a way to share resources, be intentionally reflective about our work and be helpful to each other.  If you’ve never used a blog, then you might want and/or need some ideas to help get you started.  Here are a few ways you might choose to post during this time:

1.  Blogging as remembering. You might want to write a post documenting something that you learned, observed, or found during your work.  Blog posts that are remembering in nature might be a few sentences about what you’ve learned, or they might be a link to a great resource along with some information about why you found the resource to be of value. Once you post it, whatever you post will be here later when you need it.

2.  Blogging as reflecting. As you move forward with your project, you might want to write a little bit as a way of thinking differently or reflecting on your work up to this point.  Why is your project important?  Why do you think you need to use a specific tool to get a job done?  How might you use something that you’ve read or talked about in your classroom in the fall.

3.  Blogging as questioning. You may find that you have lots of questions.  This blog is a shared space – consider asking a question here for your fellow CyberCampers to address.  How did you do X?  Why did you do it that way?  How might you incorporate wikis into your classroom?  Want some feedback on any element of your project?  Write a blog post with some useful context and a good question or two – we’ll answer you.  We promise.

4.  Blogging as sharing. See something cool?  Tell us about it.  Embed a video.  Post a picture. Link. Sometimes, the best part of camp is show and tell.

5.  Blogging as experimenting. Want us to try out a tool or a lesson or an activity?  Post it here along with some instructions and, perhaps, a question or two to guide our exploration/experimentation.

(You might notice that remembering and reflecting and sharing and experimenting and questioning aren’t mutually exclusive tasks.  It’s okay of you write a post that crosses the lines and exists as one or more of these suggestions.  That’s okay. In fact, it’s downright wonderful.  In addition – this isn’t an exhaustive list of ways that you can use the blogging time built into CyberCamp.  Feel free to go in a new direction.  Provided that you’re using the blog to further your work and our learning, whatever you choose to do is more than acceptable.  We’re grateful that you’re fiddling with the format to make CyberCamp that much more useful to you.)

In the comments to this post, take a second to share an experience that you’ve had with blogging, or to ask a question about how blogging works at CyberCamp.  Certainly, you’re welcome to blog more than the minimum 20 minutes a day.  It’s our hope that you’ll leave CyberCamp thinking about starting your own blog to continue your learning.  Or, if you choose, you can continue to blog here.  This blog won’t go away at the end of the Camp – it’ll continue to exist as a shared resource for you, for us, and for the worldwide audience that might learn from and with us here.

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  1. I will have to keep up with this blog. I am jealous. I want to come to cybercamp! I look forward to seeing your work and will check in frequently to check it out. Have fun!

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