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Today’s the REAL First Day of CyberCamp

June 13, 2008 by manni14 · 1 Comment · Blogging, Connective Writing, Learning, Online Learning Communities, Routines

I’ll admit it – I’m already suffering some CyberCamp withdrawal.  But that’s okay – as I suspect there’s more on the way from the CyberCampers.  Plenty more, based on what I saw happening in our classroom and here on the blog.

In a sense, today is the REAL first day of CyberCamp – the first day when posting or sharing isn’t in some way mandated by someone else.  I hope folks will continue to sharing their work and learning here, in this space.  I look forward to reading more from you, CyberCampers, from learning from you as you continue to learn.

I’m grateful for all of your hard work so far, and I know there’s plenty more to do.  I’m eager to see your projects happen, and to participate as I can in them.  To paraphrase Garrison Keillor‘s catchphrase for his daily Writer’s Almanac podcast, I hope you’re well, doing good work, and that you keep in touch.

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  • dogtrax

    I hope you have folks still involved even though the physical presence is no longer there. This is the difficult part — keep folks motivated to come together when busy lives interfere.

    Take care

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