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Better late than never

June 12, 2008 by manni14 · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

Once again I would like to thank the people that made CyberCamp so useful for me.  That would be everyone involved.  I started thinking about my entry in terms of how much I have yet to do; however, at this time I think it’s better to mention how much has been accomplished in really a very short period.

  1. I have a skeleton of a course in place on my virtual campus site.
  2. I have a good critique tool embeded in my site.
  3. I have a really solid foundation for a unit project that has the potential to yield quite varried, but interesting results.
  4. I have researched Moodle, online photo tools, wiki’s, blog’s, online productivity tools.
  5. I have offered help with various app’s to other CyberCamper’s
  6. I have helped to establish another Professional Learning Community within our district.

It is easy to see the never ending journey in a new project that is not even crawling yet, but it is also easy to discount the progress made at such an early stage.

Thank you again,


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  • myrag

    …and we appreciate you sharing all those discoveries and accomplishments, too! Thanks for all the info on Linux distributions. I look forward to my next project of learning more about Linux and bringing an older computer back to life.

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